We also offer strip-lining, a process that reinforces weakened or torn tacking margins (the edges of the canvas that attach the painting to the stretcher).

The painting below had torn along the top tacking margin.  Strips of canvas were adhered along the edges to repair and reinforce the tacking margins.

strip lining before strip lining after strip lining reverse after
Before strip-lining: raking light After strip-lining Reverse after strip-lining


strip lining top edge before strip lining top edge after
Top edge: Before Top edge: After


This technique can also be used to extend the tacking margins when necessary.

The painting below was painted right to the edge of its canvas, and had never been stretched.  Stretching the canvas as-is would have meant cropping the image, which the owner wanted to avoid. As a solution, we extended the tacking margins with a strip-lining.


Little Apple before Little Apple after
Before: unstretched canvas Before: reverse


DSCF0486 Little Apple detail Little Apple after reverse
After strip-lining & stretching Detail of edge Reverse after strip-lining & stretching