About Us

At Allied Conservation, we pair our knowledge of conservation methods with our passion for preserving art to help you enjoy your artwork to its fullest.

We are a fully insured conservation practice providing museum-quality art restoration and conservation services.  We specialize in antique and contemporary paintings, frames, and sculpture.  We maintain memberships with both local and national conservation organizations in order to keep up with the latest scientific research and innovations in the field.  Our treatments and decisions are informed by the Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Practice put forth by the American Institute for Conservation.

We provide free assessments.



Timothy Neill     Art Conservator
Tim is a peer-reviewed Professional Associate of the American Institute for Conservation. He received his Bachelors degree in Fine Art and Art History from York College of Pennsylvania and his Masters degree from Massachusetts College of Art.  Tim is a Copley Artist (CA) of the Copley Society of Art, and is chairman of the Membership Committee.  He is an artist member of the North Shore Arts Association where he sits on the board of trustees, a member of the Newburyport Art Association and is represented by Sarah Jessica Fine Arts in Provincetown.  Tim regularly teaches art and preventive conservation classes to artists.  Tim’s own artwork can be viewed online at timneill.com.
AIC Professional Associate Mark


DSCF9995Sarah Luckom     Art Conservator
After receiving her Bachelors degree in Art Conservation from the University of Delaware, Sarah continued her studies in both art conservation and Italian at the Scuola Lorenzo de’Medici in Florence.

Sarah and Tim co-founded Allied Conservation in 2010.