BEVA Lining

Lining, or the application of a secondary linen support, may be done when a painting has a hole, tear, or other serious structural damage.  The secondary support is adhered to the reverse of the canvas using a heat-sensitive conservation adhesive called BEVA.  This process is done using our thermal vacuum press.

Portrait (Before Treatment) Portrait detail before Portrait Before reverse
Before Lining Detail Before Lining Back of Painting Before Lining


Portrait (After Treatment) Portrait detail after Portrait After reverse
After Lining Detail After Lining Back of Painting After Lining


For paintings with pronounced impasto (thickly-laid brushstrokes) we use a membrane-free lining process to prevent flattening of original textures.

DSCF0413 DSCF0434
Membrane-free lining in process Detail of delicate impasto